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The Esora Omakase experience showcases NYC's most unique omakase menu focused on the finest cuts of wagyu, tempura and seasonal ingredients. Often associated with sushi, omakase means “I’ll leave it up to you” and is a format that allows the chef to present the best ingredients in a multi-course menu.

As wagyu purveyors, we have access to the highest quality Japanese beef and offer an opportunity to discover wagyu’s exquisite flavors and preparations.

     Esora Omakase exclusively serve A5 wagyu Japanese beef from different prefectures with the highest grade, beef marbling score (BMS) of 10 or more (the BMS range is 3-12) – the marbling gives the meat its glorious tenderness, richness and juiciness. 

 Esora Omakase is one of the only a few places in NYC that serves KOBE BEEF and OZAKI BEEF  with certifications of authenticity from Japan.


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Esora Omakase Wagyu A5 tempura 1.jpg

Tempura is an art form in itself. Our approach is simple yet focused, the best way to bring out the true flavors of seasonal ingredients. The Esora team presents a menu that showcases different cuts and types of wagyu from Japan, as well as multiple pieces of exquisite tempura. We are also the first and only place in NYC that serves Wagyu tempura.

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Tue  - 7:00pm

Wed - 7:00pm

Thu  - 7:00pm

Fri   -  5:30pm and 8:30pm

Sat   - 5:30pm and 8:30pm

Sun & Mon - Closed


       Cancellation with no fee can be made until 48 hours prior your reservation time.

Unfortunately, with less than 48 hour notice, we are not able to accept any form or reason for your absence and will charge the cancellation fee. 

This includes no-shows, cancellations made within the 48 hour period, rescheduling the reservation date and reduction in guest number.

Guests will be charged $100 per person if the cancellation policy applies.


We will not accept guests who make multiple reservations in order to bypass the limited guest number in our restaurant.


If you are group of six guests or more, please contact us at (212) 287-0107 or
send an email to for further assistance.


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